Why Use Natural CBD Products?

Why Use Natural CBD Products?

Anxiety, pain, skincare, and beyond- CBD seems to be nature’s cure to an endless amount of ailments. But nature’s cure isn’t always as natural as it seems. There is often a misconception with cannabis products that since they are plant-derived,  they must be “healthy”. In reality, CBD products are, more often than not, riddled with pesticides, preservatives, and GMOs.

Look through a supermarket, drugstore, or beauty aisle and you’ll see- many things that are available for mainstream sale are far from healthy. When you shop, you may choose to go for the higher-quality natural options because you know you are getting the safer, cleaner, and healthier option. The same applies for CBD.

It is important that, as with any other type of produce, hemp or cannabis grown for CBD is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. But it’s not just about the CBD itself- you also need to look out for the quality of ingredients used in the delivery- the oil base for tinctures, the ingredients for edibles, etc. Even if the CBD is clean, it could be mixed with questionable substances in the creation of the final product. These products can contain GMOs, preservatives, and fillers.

In addition to containing pesticides, inorganic CBD oils tend to contain less CBD.  Additionally, industrial product contains a higher risk of contamination and is known as a bio-accumulator which means it has a tendency to draw toxins from the soil.

While inorganic CBD products may be more easily accessible on every corner, and cheaper, sticking to natural hemp oil however means you can be sure you’re getting all the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids with any added toxins.