You made it! Thanks for being here.

If you’re just dipping your toes in or full on cannonballing into the world of cannabis and plant medicine, we welcome you with open arms to the Good Juju fam.

We’re building something predicated on the belief that weed is good — for our healing, for our joy and for our collective wellbeing. And it’s not subjective — there’s ample clinical research and science to prove this.

There’s so much to learn and unlearn about this plant, and we recognize it’s a privilege to consume and not be incarcerated for it. We’re slowly starting to destigmatize weed and even though more states are legalizing it for recreational and medicinal use, there’s so much work to right the wrongs of its racist history and make cannabis truly equitable and accessible so that everyone can reap the benefits.

We’re starting first with CBD, or cannabidiol, the non-intoxicating cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant you’ve definitely heard of. Because of its ubiquity and confusing marketing claiming it as a panacea, it’s really hard to determine what’s actually the good stuff — high quality, effective and crafted by founders who really care about protecting the plant.

Our first kit, Good Chill, focuses on chilling the f*ck out, aka the thing 2021 already is screaming at us to do. We’ve done the work for you and researched and selected products from brands who’ve got the good stuff. So let’s dive in and unwind for a while.

Take care,
Juliette & Josh