Recover formula mimics the sensation of resting near a flowing stream. Broad spectrum hemp extract is enhanced by vegetation that thrives together in riparian buffer bioregions. 

1500mg/bottle; 25mg/dose of hemp extract (CBD)

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For when you're feeling:

  • physical stress
  • pain
  • discomfort
  • cramps
  • exhaustion
  • under the weather
  • PMS
  • hungover

How it works

Immediately, the smell and taste of plant terpenes provide an invigorating sensation. The aroma leads with earthy spice and finishes with pine notes, while the taste is vegetal and herbaceous. A standard 25mg/dose hemp extract (CBD) supports the body’s endocannabinoid system; its anti-inflammatory characteristics help reduce pain and inflammation from normal overexertion.

How to use

Use to relieve discomfort from normal body pains and cramping. Especially helpful after a tough workout or any physically demanding activity.
Shake well and use dropper to dispense 17 drops in mouth and allow to melt beneath tongue before swallowing. Repeat as needed.

How it's made

Our certified organic farm works with nature to revitalize the soil and sequester carbon to grow healthier plants, while repairing the damage caused by conventional agriculture. Our hemp is processed onsite using gentle, cold-and-slow extraction. The fullest possible benefits of the plant are maintained, resulting in the highest-quality broad spectrum hemp extract (CBD).